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Archery Only


37300 Cedar Blvd. Suite C, Newark

–The only archery store in the East Bay

Closed Sundays

Small shop mostly deals in compound bows

Small selection of arrows for light target bows

Small range. Rental by whole hour increments only


With equipment rental, $25/hr.

Available for ages 8 and up $25/hr. Includes lane rental Vegas League

Kid’s JOAD

Adult Achievement

Fat Shafts Archery


3001 Bayshore Rd #9
Benicia CA 94510

Shop and indoor range Large range


With equipment rental, $15/hr.

Group and Private

Special Events

5 free with bow purchase

$15/hr. Includes lane rental Vegas League


Adult Achievement

Pacifica Archery


2995 Junipero Serra Blvd, Daly City

Largest archery store in the immediate Bay Area

Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Expensive

Closed Sundays and Mondays

Wide selection, including a good selection of arrows for light bows 13 20 yard lanes

10 yard lanes available

Individual and group, by appointment Yes

Well maintained, good selection of light bows and matched arrow sets

Palomo Archery


4022 Transport, Palo Alto

Closed Sundays and Mondays

Indoor range only Medium sized indoor range. Group beginning classes

Small group intermediate

Private instruction

Yes Yes
Predator’s Archery


7350 Monterey St, Gilroy

Some archers like this store so much they drive from San Francisco

Closed Sundays.

Cluttered, lived in looking store has fine service and good prices. Yes. Aprox. 8 Lanes By appointment

5 free with bow purchase

San Francisco Archery


3795 Balboa St, at 39th Ave, San Francisco

Near Golden Gate Park. Slightly odd, eclectic shop with erratic hours. Call to make sure they are open before going.

Carries mostly light target bows By appointment at nearby Golden Gate Park Yes

The only bow rentals available in the area for use at nearby Golden Gate Park

Checking websites for details before visiting is advisable.

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San Francisco Bay Area Archery Ranges

Many public outdoor ranges offer introductory instruction, including use of all needed archery equipment, on a limited basis. None of the public outdoor ranges rent archery equipment. For equipment rentals you will need to visit an archery shop or indoor range that offer’s equipment rental for use on site. When open, San Francisco Archery offers rentals for use at the nearby Golden Gate Park range. Consider taking lessons from a qualified program as outlined elsewhere in this guide.

San Francisco Bay Area
Public Outdoor Ranges
Practice Range Field Archery
Trail Range
Fee Lessons Leagues and Tournaments
Bowhunters Unlimited

Stevens Creek County Park, Saratoga

–Many “traditional” shooters. Despite the name “Bowhunters,” hunting is not required 🙂 Bring bug spray in season.

Yes 28 target range Free introductory lessons on Sundays


Check website

3D including Traditional and Primitive bow shoots
Briones Archers

Briones Regional Park, Lafayette

Non-members must park and hike 6/10ths of a mile to the range on non tournament days. Lots of poison oak. Bring water. Club has a contingent of trad shooters.

Yes 42 target range $3 parking fee on week-ends Free introductory lessons

Check website

3D League and Tournaments
Golden Gate Park Archery Range

47th and Fulton, San Francisco

A great city resource. Popular with many recurve archers.

0-100 yards

No fixed shooting line

Golden Gate JOAD

Beginning through advanced. Level 4 head coach. Equipment included.

Equipment rental near park: San Francisco Archery

Kings Mountain

Huddart County Park, Woodside

10-60 yards 2 14 target ranges Free introductory lessons

Reservations required

Check website

3D League and Tournaments, including pop up targets
Redwood Bowmen

10000 Skyline Blvd, Oakland, by Chabot Science Ctr.

Great Range. Cooler than the surrounding area. The 14 target “hill” field archery range in the Redwoods has little/no poison oak, except behind the last target.*

10-60 yards 3 14 target ranges Paper Target Field Archery Tournaments
San Francisco Archers

Sharp Park, Pacifica

Gorgeous range, cool coastal weather

Yes 2 28 target ranges $5, 13 and under free Free introductory lessons. 1st and 3rd Sundays


Check website

3D League and Tournaments, including Traditional bow shoot
Santa Cruz Archers

DeLaveaga Park, Santa Cruz

Open to the public from 12-4pm, Sat-Sun. Signed waiver required. (Download from website and bring with you to range.) Club also has an indoor range and a number of trad shooters.

Yes 28 target range Novice and beginning lessons

Check website

Indoor and outdoor shoots, including 3D

*All Bay Area Field Archery trail range courses have some poison oak. Most trails are cleared, but think twice about hunting for lost arrows if they are in a tangle of poison oak. Another good reason to shoot close to the target. The Redwood Bowmen’s 14 target “Hill Range” in the Redwoods (targets 15-28) has no poison oak except for behind the last target.

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San Francisco Bay Area Archery Rendezvous, Club and Fun Shoots

There are a number of archery clubs around the Bay Area. They host tournaments. Some tournaments are sanctioned official shoots, others are fun “club” shoot. Many have novelty themes, such as Halloween-themed “Boo Shoots” or the “1,000,000 BC” shoot which features 3D dinosaur targets.

Trad shoot” refers to “traditional” archery shoots that do not allow compound bows. Trad shoots are a lot of fun and great introduction to 3D archery events for newer archers and are a lot of fun. You don’t need to be an expert to shoot at these shoots. Look the shoots up on the web for more information.

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